Learn how high to tee a golf ball from PGA Professional Wyatt Worthington.

Maybe you go by feel or maybe you have a tee with lines on it to show you how high to tee up your ball. Most pros say that you are best off to tee your ball half above your club head when it’s resting on the ground but there isn’t a one size fits all answer. It really has a lot to do with the face angle of club that your are using. 

Club Face Angles

If you are swinging a 10 degree driver than that means it has 10 degrees of loft in the sweet spot. In most cases just a 1/2 inch up the club face the angle is 12.6 degrees and just a 1/2 inch lower it could be 7.4 degrees. That’s a big difference! So the right height of your tee will depend on the shot you’re trying to hit and the playing conditions.

When To Tee The Ball a Bit Higher and Lower

When you tee it high you will have a better chance of hitting the top of the club-face, where the angle is greater. This will launch the ball higher in most cases with less spin and help you get a good roll after it lands.
Some people tee the ball a bit higher when the winds are calm and the fairways are soft.

If it’s windy you many want to tee you ball a bit lower to keep it below the treeline and away from the stronger winds. You will also get more spin, which will steal a bit of roll but give you more control at the same time.

The highest your ball should ever be is half above your club, looking from behind, and the lowest is when you can just see a bit if it peaking out above the club.

Golf Lessons

  • Lessons for Beginners are Essential – Simply put, golf is not intuitive. Everyone has to learn how to swing a golf club. No one, not even the best pros have simply picked up a club and knew what to do with it.
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