An uphill lie is going to help you hit your next shot in the air but it is also going to keep you off balance with your feet and stance. Follow the few simple tips and watch the video below to hit your next uphill lie like a pro!…  

Club Up!

Since you will be off balance, you don’t won’t to take a full swing. If you normally would use a 7 iron from this distance, then choose a 6 or 5 iron and take a 3/4 swing instead!

Take a Wide Stance

A wide stance will give you more stability. It may take away some power but you are using a longer club to combat that.

Put Your Weight On Your Front Leg

The most important thing for this shot is making sure to get your club face on the ball. To do that you will want to make sure you don’t fall side to side or backward. Put your weight on your front foot and lean just a tiny little bit into the hill so you don’t move during your swing.

Match the Slope of the Hill With Your Shoulders

You don’t want to hit into the hill so you will want to match your shoulders to the slope of the hill to allow the best possible swing and ball impact.

Put the Ball Back In Your Stance

The ball will want to fly high with an uphill lie so putting the ball back in your stance will take away some for that high trajectory and allow the ball to make its way to your target.

Swing With a Nice Easy Tempo

Don’t swing too easy and miss your target. Don’t swing too hard and loose your balance.

Golf Lessons

  • Lessons for Beginners are Essential – Simply put, golf is not intuitive. Everyone has to learn how to swing a golf club. No one, not even the best pros have simply picked up a club and knew what to do with it.
  • Lessons are the Best Way to Improve Your Game – Lessons can help knock the rust off your skills or pinpoint why your game got worse. They are also a direct way to improve your game once it plateaus and your professional’s opinion about your gear, can save you money!

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I’m an LPGA Class A golf professional with over 26 years of experience in teaching golf. I can bring your game to a new level by teaching the fundamentals, psychology and functional body movement of golf based on each student’s individual learning style. I use techniques learned from highly acclaimed golf instructors and organizations such as Jimmy Ballard, David Leadbetter, Dr. Gary Wiren, Jim McLean, Dr. Debbie Crews, The LPGA, and The Titleist Performance Institute. I’m on the NIKE golf staff and I’m a TPI level II instructor, US Kids certified instructor as well as a PGA Hope Veteran program instructor and a GSGA adaptive golf instructor.

Stop Talking About It and DO IT!
See it, here it or do it! I will find the quickest way to communicate the fundamentals of the game. I use video analysis and send you images and notes for a better understanding. This means you get out on the course playing to your potential sooner!

What You Get…
Golf instruction that lets you understand the how, what and why about ball flight. Learn about the body swing connection and how YOU create the most efficient and effective swing for you. When we are done you will have practice drills and stretching tips to get you better quicker.

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