The quickest way to trim more strokes from your score is by improving your putting. You will need to find a putter that fits and matches you and your putting stroke. The putter is the club you will use most in your bag so it’s super important you find the right one. Putters come in a variety of lengths, weights, shapes, and alignments. The following video and post will help you to find the best putter for you!…

Putter Length

You need to get this right or your putting line will be thrown off. Most putters are 32-52 inches long so you can keep your eyes over the ball. You want the shaft of your putter to fall in line with your forearm when your getting ready to putt. Most times we see people using putters that are too long for them. If your chocking up, then you know it’s too long. If your back is hurting, you putter may be too short.

Finding the Right Putter Shaft Length for You…

  1. Get into your putting stance
  2. Let your arms hang
  3. Measure from ground to just above the top of your hands

Putter Face vs. Toe Balance

Face-balanced putters are best for straight back and straight through putting stokes. Toe-balanced putters help an arced putting stroke by helping to square up the clubface at the same time you hit the ball. Take a video of your self putting or get the help of a golf professional to see what kind of putting stroke you have.

Putter Clubheads

  • Blades – Narrow and flat putters. These putters are meant to help you feel the ball as you putt it. The better the golfer, the more they usually want a blade. Blades have many different shaft placements to help different strokes keep their hands in front of the ball as they putt.
  • Mallets – Large and rounded putters. A mallet is for players who want a more consistent performance. Just like blades, there are different shaft placements to help golfers keep their hands in front of the ball as they putt.

Putter Clubhead Features

  • Insert Putters – These have soft composite inserts that help players to have better feel and a smoother roll.
  • Perimeter-weighted Putters – These distribute the weight around the edges of the clubhead to make them very forgiving.
  • Alignment Putters – These have larger heads and geometric aides to help you aim.

Long Putters / Counterbalance Putters

  • Long Putters – These putters are elongated and the shafts go all the way up to a golfers chest/stomach. This helps keep movement of the hands during the putting stroke to a minimum. Note: Long putters have been banned for official use by the United States Golf Association. In their place, the PGA recommends counterbalance putters.
  • Counterbalance Putters –  These putters have extra weight in both the grip and clubhead and this helps prevents golfers from rotating their hands as they putt. They help with stability, smoothness, and accuracy.

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