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Hurry! Winter Specials Rates$75/hour $40/half hour end March 1.

My certifications

The Best teachers are LPGA!


The LPGA student center model teaches each individual.  We  incorporate the students learning styles with their abilities to create a quicker and more easily understood learning platform.

Teaching your child the game of life through golf


U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coaches are experts in teaching golf to kids ages 12 and under. Certified Coaches make learning fun by using game-based teaching methods and playing from scaled yardages on the golf course. More than 950 coaches have achieved certification, which includes attending a Certified Coach Seminar and completing a course with Positive Coaching Alliance.

TPI is Titleist Performance Institute


Dedicated to golf fitness and the education of the body-swing connection. We believe golfers are athletes. We want to make them better.

Why take lessons from Heidi Mitchell Golf?


After 26 years of experience I know I can lower your golf score!

Heidi Mitchell, LPGA - Class A, 

With over 26 years of experience in teaching, Heidi can bring your game to a  new level. Heidi teaches each student the fundamentals, psychology and  functional body movement of golf based on their individual learning  styles. She uses techniques learned from highly acclaimed golf  instructors such as Jimmy Ballard, David Leadbetter, Dr. Gary Wiren, Jim  McLean and Dr. Debbie Crews, The LPGA and The Titleist Performance  Institute.  Heidi, along with her LPGA Class A status is on the NIKE golf staff, is a TPI level II instructor,  US Kids certified instructor as well as a PGA Hope Veteran program instructor and a GSGA adaptive golf instructor.  Come learn, have fun and play better golf!


Stop talking about it and and DO IT!

See it, here it or do it!  I will find the quickest way to communicate the fundamentals of the game.  I use video analysis and send you images and notes for a better understanding.  This means you get out on the course playing to your potential sooner!


What you get....

Golf instruction that lets you understand the how, what and why about ball flight.  Learn about the body swing connection and how YOU create the most efficient and effective swing for you.  When we are done you will have practice drills and stretching tips to get you better quicker.

Indoor instruction for the the cold and raining days!

Work on your game all winter

 Come take a lesson in the comfort of the indoors. Have you ever wanted to know what your clubhead speed is or angle of the clubface at impact or where your club path is?  Find out how far your golf shots actually carry  on this incredible TruGolf simulator with E6 techogy it is the best in the business. 

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Take it on the road!


Portable and powerful.  Great for private parties at home or work. Check out my simulator page for rentals!

Play Golf at 45 golf courses

My simulator can get you on one of 45 golf courses with you friends.  Play a scramble, four ball, point system you name it!  Play Pebble Beach, Harbour Town Golf Links, Bay Hill Club & Lounge, St. Andrews Old Course and many more.

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Individual lessons and clinics for everyone!


Detail your services

I enjoy working with all sizes of groups from individuals to groups to corporate events.  Any able bodied players to those in need of adaptive techniques and equipment.  Athletes to book worms, kids to seniors and recreational players to goal setters.  Check  location pages for March and April Dates.  Remember I have two locations to teach from.  Country Club of Gwinnett in Snellville and The Southlands in Stone Mountain.

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GET GOLF READY Classes for the complete beginner


The Get Golf Ready program is designed for the person who may not be 

 ready to commit, but wants to try it out.  Perhaps on a budget and/or has no equipment.

Also, you may need a non-threatening environment with other beginners who are wanting to take  a slower paced curriculum.  This is the place to start.  It is fun, interactive and an inexpensive way to get started.

Dates on location pages for each facility