You do not have to put your game on hold because your busy or it is winter when you can buy or rent a golf simulator. They can be very beneficial since you can play right from the comfort of your home. Or find a local golf course, practice facility, or golf professional who has a simulator. The simulator adds tons of technology to help you improve your game. Whether it is in your garage or at a local course, it is not just about hitting some balls at a screen, but learning what it takes to raise your game to the next level. The following are some of the benefits of using a golf simulator….

Golf Simulators Are Great For Practice

Golf, like any other game, requires practice to perfect your skills. A high quality golf simulator rises above providing an easy escape from soggy mornings and snow. They will ensure you improve your game in terms of ability, consistency and skill. The simulator will record every angle of your swing from your body position to grip to contact with the ball. Putting is an area in golf that is quite difficult to master even on a real course and it’s also hard to replicate this on carpet, but a realistic golf simulator will allow you to practice a stroke that can be repeated when playing a real match. Sometimes it’s great to rent the simulator for practice and have an instructor over for a lesson at the same time. Then you can work on what you’ve leaned while you have the simulator.

Finding the Best Ball To Use For You

You might think that a new club will make a huge difference in your game but sometimes a it’s the ball. With a simulator, you can use a variety of balls to find the one that will fly father with your swing and club combination.

Muscle Memory

Of course muscle memory is not a memory stored in your muscles, but rather memories stored in your brain that are much like a cache of frequently enacted tasks for your muscles. Muscle memory is just a term that most of the golf industry references. Golf requires the learning of complex muscle movements in a proper sequence for optimal performance. The greater the the ability to repeat the motions more precisely, the better the chance of ingraining it into muscle memory or motor learning. Using the video recording and motion sensors the simulator can assist you in executing the perfect swing over and over. When you head out for 18 on a real course, your body will have a better memory of how to swing optimally.

What Clubs Are Right For Me?

Bring multiple sets of clubs with you to the golf simulator session and get feedback from the simulator. Simulators are a great way to get fitted for clubs. You will know if you can improve your score with the new clubs or if you already have the best set for you.

Family / Friend Time

Installing a golf simulator can be quite fun for the whole family or a group of friends. Playing the game you love in your home allows you to spend quality time with your family and friends. Simulators are great for birthdays, holidays, and anytime friends and family get together. Golf can provide you with an opportunity to build the friendships that last a lifetime. It’s something that people can form a common interest in, while providing a platform to share time and enjoy a common experience.

Heidi Has A Portable Golf Course For Rent

  • Portable Golf Simulator – Host closest to the pin, scramble events, and long drive contests. Small enough to fit in a basement and easily transported.
  • Portable Putting Green – Work on your putting stroke at home or in the office! It has reversible green features and will roll to a 10 or a 12 on the step meter.
  • Full Swing Net – Work on your full swing at home or in the office! It can handle all the force you can muster while hitting real golf balls indoors off the mat.

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Golf Lessons

  • Lessons for Beginners are Essential – Simply put, golf is not intuitive. Everyone has to learn how to swing a golf club. No one, not even the best pros have simply picked up a club and knew what to do with it.
  • Lessons are the Best Way to Improve Your Game – Lessons can help knock the rust off your skills or pinpoint why your game got worse. They are also a direct way to improve your game once it plateaus and your professional’s opinion about your gear, can save you money!

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About Heidi Mitchell

I’m an LPGA Class A golf professional with over 26 years of experience in teaching golf. I can bring your game to a new level by teaching the fundamentals, psychology and functional body movement of golf based on each student’s individual learning style. I use techniques learned from highly acclaimed golf instructors and organizations such as Jimmy Ballard, David Leadbetter, Dr. Gary Wiren, Jim McLean, Dr. Debbie Crews, The LPGA, and The Titleist Performance Institute. I’m on the NIKE golf staff and I’m a TPI level II instructor, US Kids certified instructor as well as a PGA Hope Veteran program instructor and a GSGA adaptive golf instructor.

Stop Talking About It and DO IT!
See it, here it or do it! I will find the quickest way to communicate the fundamentals of the game. I use video analysis and send you images and notes for a better understanding. This means you get out on the course playing to your potential sooner!

What You Get…
Golf instruction that lets you understand the how, what and why about ball flight. Learn about the body swing connection and how YOU create the most efficient and effective swing for you. When we are done you will have practice drills and stretching tips to get you better quicker.

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